​1st Prize 新たな生活を求めて 

In Search of a New Life Photo by Yannis Behrakis / Reuters

3rd  Prize

Mousuni -
The Sinking Island

Photo by

Arka Dutta


Akhter stands near his lost home, which he had to abandon during the monsoon. Akhter left the island after a month and works as a contract labour in Kerala in South India. Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India  September 16, 2016

During each high tides, the water engulfs almost half a mile of area consisting of homes, farmlands; eroding it day by day and leaving it unusable. Villagers, owing to their poor economic condition, tries to put up till the last possible day before they are forced to move away. Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India September 16, 2016

What remains of a home, before it's existence was forever eroded away in the next couple of weeks.Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India
​October 18, 2016

The slab boulders that once played the role of a protector, fell apart during the cyclone of 2009 called Aila. Since then, mud banks only in places tries to stop the water, failing more than often; while the rest of the area has no levee at all.  Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India
September 20, 2017

Two dead trees stand testament to the once habitable land, before the water took over.  Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India
October 19, 2016

A fisherman walks past a abandoned house. As saline water inundated the farmlands during high tides, and destroyed the soil, farmers had to give up farming and become fishermen for a living.  Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India  May 28, 2017

The monsoon is the worst. The rain and the high tides, whose magnitude gets amplified, wreak havoc. During monsoon, men works tirelessly to protect the mud banks. A man here, working at a levee, trying to keep himself dry from the rain with a sheet of plastic, in the absence of other options.   Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India  August 7, 2017

As the high tide approaches, men work on a vulnerable portion of the mud bank.  Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India August 7, 2017


The mud banks take enormous toll during the high tides. At the best they hold out for 5-6 months before it becomes impossible to maintain them and a new one has to be build further inland.  Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India  September 21,2017

A pet cat that got washed away and died during the high tide. Animals like goats, chicken, dogs often get trapped during the high tide and drowns.  Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India  September 22, 2017

The south west bank of the island wore the look of desolation. The entire block was severely affected and left abandoned.   Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India  September 20, 2017

An abandoned room in Baliara locality. This locality of the island is the worst affected. People have lost acres of land, most of them had to leave the island at the end of 2016.   Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India  December 7, 2017

Fatema lost his home at Baliara in the monsoon of 2016. She stands where her home once stood. Her family lost 3 acres of farmlands and had to relocate to the Sagar island.  Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India September 17, 2017

Rohingya cross a bamboo bridge over a stream as the sun sets October 13, inside the sprawling Kutuplaong refugee camp.
 The refugee emergency unfolded in late August after an attack on state security forces by Rohingya insurgents, triggering a brutal military crackdown that has forced more than half of the country’s 1.1 million population fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh creating the fastest cross-border exodus ever witnessed with over 655,000 new arrivals. 

Haldar's family lost their home in one night. They had to evacuate with whatever little they could and had to stay under open sky for almost a week. Here, their baby daughter lies in the open, photographed during that week.  Mousuni Island, West Bengal, India August 1, 2017