​1st Prize 新たな生活を求めて 

In Search of a New Life Photo by Yannis Behrakis / Reuters

Special Prize

by Jury

Keep searching for daughter

Photo by

Yuki Iwanami 


Kimura's search for Yuna in Okuma's rubble site Okuma Fukushima, Japan  February 14, 2016

Kimura and his friends search through rubble along Okuma's coast. Yuna was found at a similar rubble site.
Okuma Fukuhima, Japan  January 24, 2016

Kimura carrying Yuna's belongings found during the search. Okuma Fukushima, Japan

March 19, 2017

The hands of a clock found in Yuna's former kindergarten remain frozen from the time of the earthquake. Okuma Fukushima, Japan

November 11, 2017

Kimura gazes upon the elementary school Yuna went to. The classroom remains untouched from the day of the earthquake.
Okuma Fukushima, Japan  January 23, 2016

A stone deity made for Yuna being illuminated. Okuma Fukushima, Japan February 5, 2016

At Yuna's graduation ceremony, Kimura placed a photo of Yuna taken during her school entrance ceremony in his pocket, and received her graduation certificate on behalf of her.Aizuwakamatsu Fukushima, Japan  March 23, 2016

Kimura received Yuna's graduation certificate on behalf of her during her elementary school graduation ceremony.
Aizuwakamatsu Fukushima, Japan March 23, 2016


The Ministry of Environment began a search in Okuma a month before Yuna was found. Until then, there were no public searches being carried out. Okuma Fukushima, Japan  December 27, 2016

A large-scale search carried out on the anniversary month of Yuna's death.Okuma Fukushima, Japan  December 11, 2016

Kimura looks for relics through objects found during a search.  Okuma Fukushima, Japan December 10, 2016

The first piece of Yuna's bones found together with her clothes and scarf. They were worn by her on the day of the earthquake. 
Okuma Fukushima, Japan  December 13, 2016

A doll found on the coast of Okuma. Okuma Fukushima, Japan Februry 26, 2016

Kimura holding Yuna's bones. A first "embrace" of his daughter in five years and eight months. Okuma Fukushima, Japan December 11, 2016

Kimura brings Yuna's bones to his wife's home in Okayama. Kimura's mother-in-law embraces the urn.
Mimasaka Okayama, Japan  January 4 , 2017