​1st Prize 新たな生活を求めて 

In Search of a New Life Photo by Yannis Behrakis / Reuters

3rd Prize

Cattles of the Nuclear Power Plant Epidemic

Photo by

Yohei KOIDE / Mainichi Shimbun

福島 原発事故と家畜たち


Sachio Yamamoto being helped up by his wife, Shizuko’s hand, after burying a dead cow. The cow was already dead after being transported from an evacuation zone to the farm in the morning. – Namie, Fukushima. 2015/11/6



Farmer Mikiko Ikeda repeatedly apologizes as she leads a cow sick with bovine leukosis, a disease difficult to cure, away from the herd to euthanize it. The area has been marked as a “difficult-to-return” zone, making it difficult to take care of cows or notice any abnormalities. – Okuma, Fukushima. 2015/10/15


Veterinarians euthanizing cows – Okumamachi, Fukushima. 2015/10/15



Mikiko Ikeda sorrowfully looking upon an immobile cow after the euthanasia drug takes effect.  – Okuma, Fukushima.


Shizuko Yamamoto prepares flowers for a cow that died of unknown reasons. 2015/11/6


A machine digs a hole deep enough to bury a cow, and to prevent wild boars and other animals from digging up the carcass. – Okuma, Fukushima. 2015/10/15


An animal that looks to be a mummified cat, found in an empty building located within the difficult-to-return zone. – Futaba, Fukushima. 2015/12/20


A dog’s skeleton found inside a cage in the garden of a vacated house – Namie, Fukushima. 2016/3/19


Veterinarians and radiation specialists continue to monitor contaminated cows residing within the 20 kilometer radius of Tokyo Electric’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. – Namie, Fukushima. 2015/12/5


Cows roaming around a farm. As of spring 2016, about 500 cows are being kept within the 20 kilometer radius of the nuclear plant. – Namie, Fukushima. 2016/3/20


 Other than cows, goats and sheep also reside within the 20 kilometer radius, but the owner is forced to commute regularly from his evacuation site to take care of the animals, since they are not allowed to be brought outside. – Sendai, Fukushima. 2016/4/23


Sheep and cow feed on grass, which supposedly slows down the ground’s erosion. – Okuma, Fukushima. 2016/4/23


Cows running around the farm. All cows residing within the 20 kilometer zone have been neutered to prevent breeding.  – Okuma, Fukushima. 2016/5/14


Tombstones placed as memorials for cows that lost their lives after the nuclear disaster – Namie, Fukushima. 2016/5/4


A cow staring intently into the camera – Okuma, Fukushima. 2015/10/5